Why I blog.

I am a pretty introspective person, so before I launched my blog again I wanted to take some time and answer my own questions as to why I blog. Writing today opens you up to all sorts of praise and criticism, too much of either can be devastating to anyone. So why would I take time to write every week? Here are my top three answers:

1. I want to help people.

As far back as I can remember I have enjoyed helping people. Every career and personality assessment have pointed to this fact, and my call from God further confirms it. I come from a long line of helpers, teachers and preachers, businessmen and women, all people who found thier greatest satisfaction in serving God by serving others. My greatest hope in blogging is that these little posts could make a difference in someone’s life in some small way.

2. I want to work through my own stuff.

My name is Kelly, and I mess up… a lot. Failure is a great teacher and I am one of her star pupils, not because I learn so much but because I have spent so much time in her classroom! The greatest lessons I’ve learned in life have been the result of my own mistakes. Taking time to process and write these posts helps me to articulate what those experiences have taught me, so that hopefully neither you or I have to repeat them. 

3. I want people to live the best life possible.

No I don’t have the secret to winning the lottery or a business plan that will help you buy your own island. I do know that neither of those things will guarantee you any lasting happiness or make you a better parent or leader, but following Jesus will. I know not everyone who reads my writings will share my worldview, and I’m really cool with that. Hopefully you can gain something from them even if we don’t agree on this point, but my experience has shown me that life with Him is better in every way. Ultimately I hope that each and every post points people back to Jesus, because Jesus Brings Life in every way that really matters.

Those are my top three reasons about why I blog, but are there others? Sure! I want to be able to network and connect with people too! If you would like to talk more, have other questions, or would like me to address an issue drop me a line at kelly@kellyrhoades.com and I would love to have a conversation.

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