About Me

 Hey there! I’m Kelly, I am: Husband to an amazing wife, Bridget Rhoades. Father to 4 spectacular kids (it’s true just ask them!). The founding and Lead Pastor of LifePoint Church in Lebanon, MO. I blog about leadership, marriage and family, church, and personal growth here at kellyrhoades.com. I also write about another passion, Fly Fishing, here. And when I get the chance, I  travel and speak on these same issues.

My goal in life is bring glory to God and love as many people to Jesus as I can before I die. Period. So whatever reason you landed here, thanks for giving me some time. I hope that I can make your life better. Keep checking back throughout the week as I add new posts, share about different conferences, books, and other resources. And if there is anyway I can help you out, just send me a shout here. I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon.